1 thought on “Patriot Intel Reports Now available on Drop Space

  1. Phoenix, I have a question and a great one. We know the Dow jones and the stock market is all rigged and it has been rigged with all this money printing. It does not and can’t possibly be reflected because companies and corporations are making any kind of profit, or the real price to earnings ratio. So, how is it even real, as companies are buying back their own stocks. So, how are we supposed to get excited if dow jones is going to 30,000? I mean it makes no sense, plus we have all kinds of bank derivatives of $1.5 quadrillion, a $23 trillion national debt. We are in debt to our ears, we have got this fiat currency system that will need to be and will be destroyed and we will have a new transparency financial Quantum computer system. These markets can’t be and are not real, of course the markets are rigged.

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